Swiss Miracle and a Bigger OneRecently on China.org.cn, there is an interesting article by Mr Dan Steinbock, founder of the Difference Group,  by the title of The Secret of the Swiss Miracle. As a native Chinese living here in Switzerland, I highly appreciate Mr Steinbock’s comments, inspiring to the Chinese people as well as to the readers in general.


最近在中国网(China.org.cn)上,有一篇由Difference Group公司创始人丹·施泰因博克先生写的非常有趣的文章,叫做《瑞士奇迹的秘密》。作为一名居住在瑞士,却土生土长的中国人,我非常欣赏施泰因博克先生的见解,极大地激励了中国人以及广大读者。
Mr Steinbock points out that with some 8.4 million inhabitants, the Swiss population account only for 0.11 percent of the world total. And yet, the Swiss economy is the world’s 20th largest and the Swiss franc is the fifth most widely used currency for international loans. While this simple fact mocks monetarist assumptions about money supply and inflation, it shows how peace and stability can boost prosperity. Switzerland has not been in a state of war since 1815.

This is indeed a good piece of political/philosophical advice. China has a long history of brilliant civilization. However, the 20th century witnessed rampant  wars and social/political instability.  After the founding of the People’s Republic, there was a time of stability and fast growth of the economy. But some basic social and political policies went wrong , with the Cultural Revolution which lasted for a decade finally struck the country into complete chaos and instability. It was Mr Deng Xiaoping who managed to steer the country out of the frenzy. I myself is one of those who benefited from the Reform and Opening up. Without it, I may still be in a mountainous area in China laboring on the farm.
Mr Steinbock continued by saying that while the US and most European countries have lamented for years that “China prices” cause outsourcing and offshoring, manufacturing remains the most important economic sector in Switzerland. The Swiss manufacturing giants do not even try to compete in low-price production. Instead, they excel in high-skill, high-value and demanding niche areas, particularly in specialist chemicals, health and pharmaceuticals, scientific and precision technologies.
This is also a very clear and honest comment against the so-called China threat. For years, more and more people have been urging the developed countries to pay greater attention to real economy  but were only answered by deaf ears and indifferent minds. When their economies deteriorated, they just blame the developing countries without concrete and efficient measures to stem the failure. Such approaches are totally irresponsible. Currently, China is encouraging innovation and domestic consumption. We have all the reasons to anticipate that sooner or later, she will become much stronger in economic, social and technological terms. If the developed regions fail to face their own problems, the world economic map  will inevitably be changed in a more speedy way.

China is learning from Switzerland, a model country in many ways. Swiss smart economy plus Chinese huge potential can offer the world a much bigger miracle.

By KeReng Wang
August 9, 2016

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