Switzerland as a benchmark, innovation and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s watches and jewelry industry

(EurAsia Info- Reporter Zhang Dechun) When we talk about Switzerland, I believe most of the first impression is that the Swiss watch industry. In the world, the Swiss watches and jewelry culture with high-end quality, excellent technology leading the world. It is no exaggeration that we can say the Swiss watch and jewelry industry has become a wonderful industry in the world clock and watch, It’s pride of the Swiss industry.

Swiss watch industry started in the middle of the sixteenth Century in Geneva, the beginning of the development and culture and art are closely linked. Geneva watch manufacturing industry has a long history, has been 500 years. Geneva people accustomed to the clock and watch manufacturing industry called the clock and jewelry industry, because from the beginning to the present, and culture, art, religion related jewelry industry has a very close relationship. Accurate time, precision machinery, beautiful shape, the identity of the symbol, the noble value of the characteristics of the Swiss watch culture.

At the beginning of the new year, President Xi Jinping’s first visit to Europe in 2017 came to the center of switzerland. President Xi Jinping and carry out intensive dozens of bilateral and multilateral activities in four days. Davos forum, President Xi Jinping welcomed the people aboard take the China development “express”, “ride”.

According to a variety of environmental problems of Chinese investment business international concern, President Xi Jinping stressed the extremely elegant and valuable, China will not close the open door , it will Open widely and bigger even more than before,our door must always opening,then our friends can enter China, China can also go to the world, welcomed the long-term development of overseas enterprises in china. At this time The visit of China’s leaders, no doubt for the Chinese watches and jewelry to learn the transformation and upgrading of Switzerland laid the direction.

In 1996, the first batch of Chinese watches and jewelry enterprises went to Switzerland to participate in the world watches and jewelry exhibition (BASELWORLD). After 20 years of our experience, fully demonstrated the China enterprises actively as a benchmark to Switzerland, It is always keep learning and innovation ability, It is effectively to promote the transformation and upgrading of China watches jewelry industry, from the “manufacturing” to “brand”, from the foundry to smart manufacturing development process. In this connection, “Euro&Asian times” interview with the Swiss Basel world watch and jewelry exhibition pavilion China head of Mr. Zhu Shunhua (Shenzhen municipal CPPCC members, Chinese Watch Association vice chairman, president of Shenzhen City watches industry association ).


EurAsiaInfo: After China watches and jewelry enterprises has been joined exhibition in Switzerland, which kind of development model shall we learn?

ZHU Shunhua :  we went to Switzerland by China Pavilion exhibitors, continue to promote the exchange of downstream industry chain enterprises, is the biggest harvest, let Chinese enterprises see the Swiss companies continue to invest in R & D, spare no effort in the establishment of “high quality” and “high standards”, this is the Swiss watch industry in the global fundamental foothold . Also created the ability of sustainable development of the industry. Chinese enterprise through 20 years of efforts,It has been out of the industry positioning the earliest orders do OEM, by we increasing new equipment and investment, technology improvement, strengthen research and development, product design, has the ability to enter the BASELWORLD international brand Museum “brand group” in 2011: Fiyta entered a brand hall, No. TTF No. two brand jewelry to enter the museum as a symbol, 2014, China watches jewelry pavilions all entered the No. two brand shop. Fully demonstrate the ability to learn “innovation” and let the “innovation” to change the development model.

EurAsiaInfo: After we have joined the exhibition of Switzerland, what is the obvious change about us?

ZHU Shunhua : After 20 years of exhibition, another big gain is to recognize the importance of respect for intellectual property rights. In 2000 the country launched the first “intellectual property protection” banner on the occasion of the Canton Fair, the watch industry China took the lead in the “China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair” is a reference to the BASELWORLD mode of operation, to formulate the rules of intellectual property industry.

Attaching importance to and protecting intellectual property rights is not only respect for ourself and It also commitment to the global industry, but also an important measure to encourage enterprises to innovate. In 20 years, adhere to the Chinese Pavilion gainfully employed the Swiss lawyer, participating in BASELWORLD compared with other industries, by the Swiss complaints of intellectual property case is very small, in recent years is get zero. This will not only maintain the image of the country, also shows Chinese enterprises on the “World Intellectual Property Organization” is located in Switzerland, respect swiss, and pass China enterprises continued to improve, the courage to face the lack of courage to integrate into the global pursuit.

EurAsiaInfo: China and Switzerland in the watch and jewelry industry exchanges and mutual learning advantage?

ZHU Shunhua :Switzerland is a small country with a small population, while China has a huge market. Switzerland has a high-end consumer, in the forefront of the developed countries, China continues to lead in developing countries. The two sides just formed a complementary relationship.

Recalling the past 20 years, it is China’s reform and opening up and join the WTO, actively participate in globalization, so that the Swiss watch industry in the past 15 years has been rapid development, the annual growth rate of more than 10%.

The Swiss watch industry, to maintain its “good system of SWISS MADE made in Switzerland”, also combined with a positive Chinese watch industry, especially in the spare parts manufacturing supply chain, showing the “innovation cooperation mode complementary”, not only keep the Swiss watch industry in the global watch industry in the top position of Pyramid also, the achievements of the China watch industry has 80% production in the global market space.

EurAsiaInfo: through the years to the Swiss watch and jewelry industry learning, what we have achieved?

ZHU Shunhua : China’s reform and opening up 30 years in addition to the original industrial system, the introduction of foreign capital to undertake the global industrial transfer is an important stage of history. In the next 30 years, as China’s more involved in the development of globalization, build international brand is the road to the future.

Watches and clocks jewelry industry in China, through the cooperation with Switzerland, continuous innovation brand operation ability, nearly 20 years in the Swiss investment, mergers and acquisitions projects more than 20, these projects, but not effective complementary advantages, more important is through such cooperation, can learn the international brand operation ability, promote international talent team management ability, timely grasp of international innovation ideas.

EurAsiaInfo: in watches and clocks jewelry industry cooperation under the background of collaborative development which will drive the industry?

ZHU Shunhua : After 20 years we have joined baselworld, not only created new opportunities for the development of Chinese clocks jewelry industry, and all kinds of interactions, we can have a thorough understanding of the Swiss, advanced technology, industry advantage and innovation ability. Switzerland especially deep impression to be the cause of the six countries \”global innovation first\”.

In the watch industry through cooperation with Switzerland’s innovation at the same time, also contributed to the Swiss manufacturer, scientific research institutions, and China’s aerospace, medical equipment, precision manufacturing, intelligent wear\” and other industries and fields and cooperation. Spread the watch industry special “spirit” exemplary role for other industries. Clock precision manufacturing capability, will support the Chinese industries of the future “robot, artificial intelligence, wearable devices, aerospace, medical devices” such as the development of, have a wide range of cooperation space.

EurAsiaInfo: the construction of the talent is a industry can the elements of sustainable development, through the cooperation, the Chinese side how to carry out the cultivation of talents and reserve?

ZHU Shunhua : cooperation between China and Switzerland, no doubt, the cultivation of innovative talents system is very necessary. Switzerland’s university and technical school look forward to working with China, Chinese people look forward to accept the training mode of Switzerland. Shenzhen, it is in promoting its new “application of science and technology university” positive and friendly city of Bern, Switzerland states “application of science and technology university” joint ventures. To build talent cultivation system of innovation.

Switzerland “double-track” education system, and its skill education system, is the most important guarantee to maintain its innovation. Through a tour of the study, in collaboration with Swiss vestibule school training, let us see the push the path of “a guest, entrepreneurship, and innovation”. BiaoJiang appeared as early as 300 years ago, his English is \”WATCHMAKER\”. If use translation of “MAKER” now “and guest” to deduce, BiaoJiang is “watch” maker” .

EurAsiaInfo: can you predicte of industrial cooperation with switzerland in the future?

ZHU Shunhua : China and Switzerland to establish the first strategic partnership based on “innovation”, is a landmark strategic significance, for us to promote Chinese and Swiss watches and clocks jewelry industry and the associated precision manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, such as cooperation, has very important significance. On the other hand, we also have the confidence to through the efforts, the implementation of the “innovation, coordination, green, opening, sharing” concept, through Chinese and Swiss firms “innovation” cooperation, achieve china and switzerland double winer.


  • Mr. ZHU Shunhua —- The Promoter of China’s Cooperation with Switzerland
  • Deputy Vice President of CHINA HOROLOGE ASSOCIATION

 By EurAsiaInfo  Zhang Dechun

Publish on: Mar 7, 2017

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