“EurAsia Info” is currently recruiting professionals

“EurAsia Info” reporter recruitment
EurAsia Info is now up and running and is looking for both, students and scholars at the universities, willing to be “campus reporters” and contribute corresponding articles.

Students living and studying in Switzerland or China, loving journalism, literature and/or photography and being interested in current events are invited to participate in our creative thinking and become a campus reporter. If you are interested, please pass your resume and sample manuscripts to the following address: news@EurAsiainfo.ch

“EurAsia Info” the special bilingual newspaper, mainly focuses on two countries, Switzerland and China and published latest news on overseas education, visa policy, life, career development and other.

The newspaper will be in close contact with the Embassies’ Education Sections and hopes to establish cooperative relationships between the two countries and the student organizations.
On top of reports about Chinese studying in Switzerland, we will try to get also news from European students studying news in China and publish them in both media, our newspaper as well as on our webpage. We also aim to build a communication platform where student communities in both countries can share their experience.

“EurAsia Info” is launching a special monthly column, focused on abroad education containing interviews, school tours, professional presentation, jobs, various aspects of student life, student activities, student life and the different perspectives and feelings.

Requirements: Fluent in Chinese and English writing, well connected with other students and scholars, willing to share experience in professional, school and learning life.

Requirements on word count: Each article should contain between 1000-2000 Chinese words; the English translation is not limited to words.

Contents may include: university activities; literature, photography, painting and other works published by students, style of Chinese students; providing practical information for life, tourism, cultural, legal, social, career and other etiquette aspects; supporting students’ entrepreneurship and employment

Special treatment for campus reporters

If a manuscript is accepted, you get at least 100 francs for each article and you will also build up a valuable collection of publications.

We will also publish a section “about the Author” providing you with the full range of publicity.


“EurAsia Info” is also providing internship opportunities for students to work as a “campus correspondent”.

After graduation you have the opportunity to get the “EurAsia Info” internship places; will help outstanding campus reporters to apply for a work visa.

Being reporters is a good opportunity to establish contacts, getting in touch with important people and business activities.

If the manuscript is once issued, you can enjoy remuneration and cumulative royalties for each reprint.

Every candidate is required to submit an article of 1000 words about own experience to “EurAsia Info”. After the editorial review we will select a number of “special campus correspondents” in each school, Please do not miss a good chance to practice and register!


Dear Friends,
I am happy to inform you about the current stage of our preparatory work on our Asian magazine/newspaper.

We are about to hire the first professionals working for our new company (please see attachment).

Please contact us in case of your interest in one of the positions. news@EurAsiaInfo.ch
Company Name: EurAsia Info GmbH
Headquarters: Winterthur, Zurich
Newspapers Language: Bilingual Chinese and English
Newspapers Chinese name: 歐亞時報
Newspapers English name: EurAsia Info
Publication people: Ailian Zhu
Release of issues: Weekly (starts as a monthly magazine, the weekly newspaper starts a few months after the magazine)
Sponsoring organization: the Swiss Association “Friends of Asia.”
Release purpose: to promote Chinese culture, provide lifestyle information to the Swiss and Chinese in Europe, create a positive understanding of Chinese culture.
Vision: our print media are very popular for Asians in Europe and have an influence on their opinions
Contents: publish practical information for life, study, work.

“EurAsia Info” plans to issue several media and will develop 4 different platforms, partially based on the same underlying information:

Weekly Chinese and English Bilingual newspaper

Monthly magazine, sold in bookstores: reporting on domestic economic policies, investment environment, foreign enterprises and other economic topics. The magazine addresses advanced readers (politicians, business people or intellectuals). The magazine is supposed to build a strong reputation, credibility and authority.

The contents of the print media are also available on line.

Wechat public platform.

“EurAsia Info” is currently recruiting professionals

Deputy editor
Reporters and editors for major topics
Marketing Manager
Marketing Assistants
Website designer, Layout specialist
Advertisement manager
Sales staff

Full-time job; based in Zurich, salary to be negotiated. Comprehensive understanding of media business; decision making on the contents and style of the print media; establishing and leading the team of editors and reporters.

Requirements & job profile: news, media and other related professionals; proficient in English, Chinese and German or French.
At least 3 years of work experience in the area of media publishing, more than 2 years management experience; familiar with the law of the print media; having a global spirit.
Knowledgeable, strong writing skills, with leadership and coordination skills; a high degree of responsibility, good team spirit and good communication skills;
Aspiration to lead the editorial team to achieve the journal’s positioning determined by the Company, delivering the issues on time.
Responsible for reviewing the publications, supervising the implementation of the editing process, and constantly improving the editorial quality.
Leading the department staff to improve skills, coordinating between the various departments and the editorial department. Writing the editorial for each issue

Deputy Editor:
Assisting editor-in-chief; workplace in Zurich (working at home also possible). Weekly hours and salary to be negotiated.

Requirements & job profile: news, media publishing and other related professionals, native English speaker, eventually speaking Chinese and German or French.
More than 2 years print media (newspapers, magazines) editing and management experience, familiar with editing process and the law for print media.
Editing and proofreading articles with a solid foundation, assisting the editor-in-chief in planning, brand building and marketing.
Responsible for English translations (including layout), content proofreading and review processes.
Good teamwork and communication skills, excellent time management skills, able to cope with the publication cycle, adjusting the personal schedule.
Please attach 2-3 articles written by you, indicating the source and date of the original publication

Reporters and editors for major topics

Strong writing skills, being able to complete the relevant work alone; workplace in Zurich (working at home also possible);. Weekly hours and salary to be negotiated.

Editor’s Notes
Special Issue

Requirements & job profile: Comprehensive knowledge in the corresponding topic; several years experience in the industry, proficient in business English, Chinese.
Selected articles in the specific area; timely completion of related publications; including: selection of article content, text editing (including layout).

Actively gathering news and actively participating in each phase of planning of a new issue, reporting and selcting topics, liaising with other editing, conducting interviews and information collection.
Independently conducting interviews, writing, editing, proofreading, selecting pictures,
Ensuring the timely completion of the workload of each period and of all tasks associated with the publishing of the magazine.
Please attach 2-3 articles written by you, indicating the source and date of the original publication.

Marketing Manager:
Responsible for newspaper promotion; workplaces throughout Switzerland. Weekly hours and salary to be negotiated.

Requirements & job profile: proficient in Business English, German or French.
Marketing education and knowledge; if possible, experience in media-related industry.
Close cooperation with advertising department. Market research, analysis and establishment of local market access,
Good communication skills and market development capabilities, familiar with the operation mode of local newspapers and relevant laws and regulations.
Good computer skills, proficient use internet tools. Planning, market research and promotion capabilities.
Specific newspaper marketing experience preferred.

Marketing Assistants:
Assist marketing manager in newspaper promotion; workplace throughout Switzerland. Weekly hours and salary to be negotiated.

Requirements & job profile: Distribute newspapers to target audiences, in the designated areas and in particular places (eg airport, train station).; create momentum at events.

Website designer, Layout specialist: Assist Deputy Editor; work location in Zurich (working at home also possible). Weekly hours and salary to be negotiated.

Requirements & job profile: proficient business English, Chinese, German, or French.
Professionals in design, web design, layout and other related areas.
2 years or more experience in graphic design and layout for print media (newspapers and magazines)
Proficient in CorelDRW, Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and other related graphic design software.
Responsible for visual effects. Familiar with the major image databases and purchase processes for images. Strong aesthetic ability. Good communication skills.
Independent image search and purchase, based on the requirements of the text.
Complete the layout process, checking proper combination of text and images.


Assist reporters, taking pictures. Workplace, weekly hours and salary to be negotiated.

Requirements & job profile: Professionals from media publishing and other related areas; fluent in English and Chinese.
Rich experience with photographical work,
Good teamwork and communication skills, good time management skills, able to cope with the publication cycle, adjusting the personal schedule.
If necessary, travelling required.
Please attach recent photographs taken by you, indicating the topic and date.

Advertisement manager:

Full 100% workload; based in Zurich, salary to be negotiated.

Requirements & job profile: Responsible for developing cooperation with advertising companies in close cooperation with the market analysis section, planning activities and newspaper promotion.

Rich advertising, media-related experience; proficient in Business English, German or French.

Good communication and client development skills, familiar with the mode of operation of local newspaper advertising,Good ability to execute large-scale advertising and public relations activities. Specific experience preferred.

Familiar with adware operation,extensive experience in graphic design, writing skills preferred. If necessary, travelling required.
Sales staff:
Assist advertising manager job, workplace freedom; commission business by advertising revenue.

Requirements & job profile: Good communication and client development skills; good sense of responsibility. industry experience, good team spirit.
Please contact us! For people who are interested in the above position, please send your application with attached CV to: news@EurAsiaInfo.ch
Suitable candidates will be informed about the interview time!
We appreciate your participation

“EurAsia Info” Newspapers preparatory group

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