First coronavirus case in the Swiss army

( EurAsiaInfo 2.3.2020)An army member in the Swiss military has tested positive for the corona virus. The man was in the Wangen weapons area on the Aare BE, army spokesman Daniel Reist said on Tuesday. The patient has been isolated in the gun station infirmary.

The member of the army had engaged in the repeat course (WK) with the Military Police Battalion 3 on Monday. When examining the entrance, the man said that he had previously been in Milan. A first test by the ABC laboratory in Spiez was positive. The confirmation from the reference laboratory in Geneva is still pending.

According to the army, the relative was isolated by his colleagues and taken to the medical center of the gun station. The patient’s condition is stable. The three people he shared the room with were placed in quarantine in the medical center. For the remaining members of the army who had been in contact with the infected during the day, the senior medical officer issued a temporary quarantine overnight.

The case occurred at Wangen an der Aare. Picture: Keystone

The army’s recruit schools and refresher courses will continue to operate unchanged. “The army as a strategic reserve of the state government is ready at any time to support the civil authorities and the population,” says the message.

Quarantined soldiers

In the meantime, the limitation of the starting area has been extended to all troops on duty throughout Switzerland. The purpose of this measure is to ensure that the force is ready to support the civil authorities and the population if necessary.

According to the army, every single positive finding could lead to an entire company or even several having to be quarantined and no longer ready for action. The army’s operational and command capability must remain guaranteed.

Around 10,000 members of the army are currently on duty. Because of the risk of coronavirus infection, the army canceled a number of events, including all visiting days for members of the recruits and a meeting of all senior staff officers on Wednesday. This is carried out decentrally by video conference. The planned event “Security is also female” on Friday was also canceled.

By EurAsia Info

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