EurAsia Info Summit (2016 Focus: B2B Precision Manufacturing Matchmaking)

EurAsia Info Summit

in Davos (Switzerland);  2016 Focus: B2B Precision Manufacturing Matchmaking

Welcome Remarks

Dear Friends,

The EurAsia Info Summit 2016 in Davos (Switzerland), focusing on B2B Precision Manufacturing Matchmaking, is supported by many officials, Chinese municipal governments and several associations. The summit has been initiated by EurAsia Info in Switzerland and will be hosted jointly with the World Association of Chinese Mass Media, Your Travel – China Connect AG and others.

EurAsia Info, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is editing the only Chinese-English bilingual media in Europe and the only printed Chinese news magazine in Switzerland. In addition to a large amount of Chinese readers, it has many local readers in Europe who are interested in the Chinese culture and economy. EurAsia Info’s goal is to promote the business and cultural communication and cooperation between China and Switzerland and serve as a bridge between the two countries.

EurAsia Info is establishing a network communication platform for Chinese enterprises which want to enter the international market and build a link between European and Asian SMEs. This is why our name is containing “EurAsia”. Our vision is “showing the real China to the world and supporting the internationalization of Chinese companies”. We report the latest news, publish executive interviews, connect the exchange between China and Switzerland, and also organize high level international business meetings.

Switzerland is a unique country not only famous for its economy and financial industry but also for its beautiful mountains and natural beauty. Innovation and pragmatism enable this tiny European country to be at the forefront of developed countries worldwide and to maintain its strong stable economical and financial position, having been the richest country for decades. Based in Switzerland, focusing on China and facing the world, we aim for making a significant contribution to mutual understanding and strategic partnership between Europe and Asia.

All along, the Swiss precision manufacturing industry is perceived as “superior quality” by Chinese consumers. The production scale of these top brand companies is not large, however, their products are irreplaceable. As Chinese people have a strong preference for Swiss quality, the industrial and trade structures of these two countries can complement each other. Through this summit, the bilateral relationship becomes closer, helping the two sides to realize further mutual benefits and a win-win cooperation.

Ailian Zhu

CEO EurAsia Info

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