Chinese Diamond King Dong Liusheng, together with his team, presented “Made-in-China” to the world.

Eurasia Info witnessed Kimberlite Diamond’s 2016 press conference “Our Story”. On the night of March 19th, Kimberlite Diamond, a pioneer brand in Asia, once again held the “Kimberlite Night” gala dinner at the glass pavilion in Baselworld.

It was composed of a warm atmosphere with the crystal band, a fine jewelry model show and a combined performance with Chinese and Western elements. The chairman of Kimberlite Diamond Mr. Dong LiuSheng, the former Belgian Prime Minister Mr. Yves Leterme, the former Belgian Minister of Defense Mr. Leo F.W. Delcroix, the Managing director of Baselworld, Sylvie Ritter, the president of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Lin Qiang and other friends of Kimberlite attended the event. The famous host 
of ‘Dragon TV’, Wan Dini, served as MC at the event.323187029419526880“Charm of China” Fine jewelry show

As a brand in the jewelry industry, a fine jewelry collection show is held to show the brand charm and R&D strength in an intuitive way. Kimberlite Diamond specially designed the “Charm of China” fine jewelry collection for the 2016 Baselworld evening jewelry show, presenting the classical Chinese characteristics and fully demonstrating the strengths of their design team.10

“Charm of China” fine jewelry collection was created by Ms. Zhu WenJun, the Chief designer of Kimberlite Diamond, the famous Italian jewelry designer Loretta Baiocchi and Emanuela Tersch. It’s inspired by Chinese cultural  elements which can vividly reflect life’s vitality, the high-market jewelry from the “Charm of China” collection demonstrates unique traditional Chinese charm through modern design. It successfully shows the glamour of Oriental original design with both vision and creativity.


Crystal Band flash mob

Before the dinner on the night of March 19th, five beautiful girls dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, holding crystal instruments skilfully played classical Chinese songs. Sounds of the beautiful music instantly evoked the atmosphere of the scene, people walking by were attracted by the rhythm. The Chinese people also experienced a great sense of national pride.12

This is a “flash mob” was carefully planned by Kimberlite Diamond, the first live performing band that uses pure crystal instruments. Girls Crystal Band is a new symbol of the Chinese nation, they once represented the country performed at the APEC meeting, Milan Expo and other global events, using classical music to spread China’s traditional culture to influence people around the world. At the “Kimberlite Night gala” the Girls Crystal Band also brought wonderful performances to all the guests.

The exquisite performing artist

Another highlight at the dinner was the famous Chinese tenor Yu JunJian and Chinese contemporary music artist Sa Dingding.The national level singer Yu JunJian attended many major events held by Kimberlite, and again at the dinner he brought us the classic songs of China and won applause and cheers from all the audience.

 Sa Dingding is the most famous Chinese contemporary music artist known in the western society. She is not only a Chinese artist who appeared on the BBC Chinese Music Awards, which is the world’s most authoritative award, but also the only Chinese artist nominated for the Grammys. She is famous for three songs, including “Holy Incense”, “Alive” and “Hua”. Her ethereal sound and national performance style push Kimberlite Night to a new high.

440478443405338313The impact of Chinese classical and modern western music

As a representative of the Chinese brand, Kimberlite Diamond has been committed to carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture and art. The Kimberlite Night gala dinner is on the basis of the Chinese style, and combined with modern western music. The performance “Fishing Boat in the Evening” and “Dance of the Yi People”, which was played on classical Chinese instruments, Guzheng and Pipa provided the audience with an atmosphere of beautiful sights and sounds and Yi People’s happiness made them feel like being on a high mountain, with a flowing river and winter snow. Finally, the famous jazz band B-Pocket gave the Kimberlite Diamond evening a perfect ending.


Eurasia Info here give a heartfelt wish that Chinese brands develops better and better in the world. Just as what Mr. Dong Liusheng said, through Baselworld, we would like to increase global society’s understanding towards Chinese traditional culture and Chinese nation.

by EurAsiaInfo team


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