“Negative press articles on Chinese take-overs are not a criticism of China”–An exclusive interview with Felix Sutter 

An exclusive interview with Felix Sutter  We are about to meet Felix Sutter. He is the President of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) and also Partner and Head of the Asia Business Group at PwC Switzerland. EurAsia Info: You have many interactions with China and you […]

JIN Zheng: ‘Belt and Road’ Deepen Cooperation Between Yongkang and Europe

EurAsia Info Exclusive interview with Mr JIN Zheng, Mayor of  Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province of China From May 17 to 24, an economic and trade delegation from Yongkang City (Zhejiang Province) Party Committee visited a number of important cities in Italy and Switzerland to promote the “belt and road” project cooperation, deepen regional exchanges, promote […]

LU Lin: Five Cooperations Cause Tremendous Changes for Dalian City

EurAsia Info Exclusive interview with Mr Lu Lin, Member of the Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Dalian On 25th April 2017, Mr Lu Lin, Vice Mayor of Dalian city in China, visited the headquarter of Eurasia Info in Zurich together with Ms Wang Liying, Director of Foreign […]

An Exclusive Interview with the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank Dr. Thomas J. Jordan

▲The Chairman of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) Dr. Thomas J. Jordan. Photo by EurAsia info President Xi Jinping Visits Switzerland to Promote Sino-Swiss Economic and Trade Cooperation (EurAsia Info Ailian ZHU and Dechun ZHANG) Chinese President Xi pays a state visit to Switzerland from Jan 15-18, 2017. During […]

An Exclusive Interview with the Mayor of Zurich Corine Mauch|President Xi Jinping Visits to Switzerland as Opportunity to Enhance Kunming-Zurich 35 Years’ Friendship

The Mayor of Zurich Corine Mauch (EurAsia Info — Reporter Zhang Dechun) From January 15 to 18, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Switzerland, attended the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum and visited International Organizations in Switzerland. During the four-day visit to Switzerland, President […]

Chinese president to visit Switzerland, attend WEF annual meeting

Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Switzerland from Jan. 15-18, at the invitation of the Federal Council of Switzerland, a foreign ministry spokesperson announced Tuesday in Beijing. A large Chinese delegation, led by President Xi Jinping, will be the highlight of the World Economic […]

Schibli: Trust is the most important cornerstone and I truly trust my team

An exclusive interview with “SWISSINFO” CEO Peter Schibli (Part 2). From 100 ideas to 4 topics finally published For many Chinese people in Switzerland, SWISSINFO.ch is known as Switzerland’s only media in Chinese language; however, it is actually delivering news in 10 different languages, being able to address […]

Interview with Ambassador GENG Wenbing: “Bilateral Ties version 2.0”

▲ Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. GENG Wenbing “EurAsia Info” report (Bern) Being Chinese ambassador to Switzerland is undoubtedly an important function with great expectations from so many people. Every time, a new ambassador takes office, the Chinese living in Switzerland pay a lot of attention as it is […]

Deqing and Switzerland have the same simple style of countryside Interview Interview with Mr. Zhang Linhua Director of Propaganda Department of Deqing

April 27, thousands of book lovers in the bright spring ushered in the 30th Geneva International Book Fair. The five-day gathering of hundreds of publishers of books, publishers participated, attracted ninety-four thousand visitors over. As in previous years, this famous Geneva Book Fair held in Palexpo. Entering the […]

David C. Chu:I believe if you hold on to your passion and idea, the cultural differences are not a barrier.

Interview with David C. Chu, Chairman of GEORG JENSEN Combining Elegance and Creativity is the key to Brand  Revitalization As one of the media partners of Baselworld, Eurasia Info had the privilege to be the first to interview the management team of GEORG JENSEN: Chairman David C. Chu, […]

Chinese Diamond King Dong Liusheng, together with his team, presented “Made-in-China” to the world.

Eurasia Info witnessed Kimberlite Diamond’s 2016 press conference “Our Story”. On the night of March 19th, Kimberlite Diamond, a pioneer brand in Asia, once again held the “Kimberlite Night” gala dinner at the glass pavilion in Baselworld. It was composed of a warm atmosphere with the crystal band, a fine jewelry […]

Meeting with Yo-Yo Ma in Davos – the legendary world-renowned cellist

For our correspondent, the initial impression of Yo-Yo Ma was to see pictures of his smiling face on TV and Internet but he always seemed very much out of reach, until yesterday… On January 20, she witnessed the cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, offering a wonderful cross-border […]

An exclusive interview with Peter Schibli:We (Swiss) are raised under the influence of these ideologies

An exclusive interview with“SWISSINFO”CEO Peter Schibli(Part 1) swissinfo.ch is a platform publishing news in many languages, addressing people from even more different cultural backgrounds and – unlike others – aiming for a balanced view, promoting the values of Switzerland around the globe. For many Chinese people in Switzerland, […]

Interview with Hans-Dieter Amstutz, Head of Marketing and Communication in Swiss National Library,

Interview with Hans-Dieter Amstutz, Head of Marketing and Communication in Swiss National Library, Challenge of the Digital Era. A white solemn building stands in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in Bern with green meadow in front. That’s our destination today: The Swiss National Library. By entering the hall, […]