2016 Oktoberfest Street Style

You might not believe that I didn’t really into the mood of Oktoberfest until late years. When my daughter was younger, we had to go to the festival with a stroller; it was a disaster due to the crowds. Therefore we only visited the Oktoberfest before visitors poured into the site before noon. It was safe for little kids; however, it greatly reduced fun.

I aim to write this article for some sorted information that I collected in the past years about Oktoberfest. For example, to show you the view from the festival, some street style photos that how German dressed themselves during the celebration. Moreover, the Dirndl styling tips, where to buy those beautiful traditional Bavaria dresses and how to fix your hairstyle to match perfectly to the dresses you buy. Also, not forget to share with you where and what to eat. Then, I will only update some necessary information or news every year. Enjoy.

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In 2016, Oktoberfest will begin on 17th of September, and on 3rd of October will be the final day, as usual, totally two weeks long. The business hours are different on weekend days and weekends; however, it opens at around 9 and finishes the business time at around midnight.   Due to the regular working hours that everyone has to work, there are mostly tourists visiting  Oktoberfest before noon. It divided into two groups of tourist; one is German who come from other cities, the other one is foreigners from other countries.


There are also many kindergartens or schools will arrange a day tour and bring school kids to visit the festival. Also, the families who have little children, the parents will take one day off from the offices and bring their kids to enjoy. After all, Oktoberfest has not only beer but also rides for all ages.  For the Oktoberfest business hours and some general questions, please check its official website, Dates and General FAQs.


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Oktoberfest Street Style

Dirndl and Leatherhose are the traditional dresses of Bavaria. Bavarian is proud of their culture and spirit; therefore, you see people wear Dirndl and Leatherhose on special holidays but also normal days as long as they want to. For some people who are interested in style, they have many different styles of Dirndl and Leatherhose.

There are new trendy designs and classic, vintage styles. No matter which style you choose, you probably spend a bit more budget for a head to toe look. Especially some special leatherhose, you sometimes might get surprised about the prices. However, no worries, there are also some stores offer affordable Dirndl and Leatherhose for people who do not want to spend a big budget on it, for example, tourists, who want to experience the real mood of Oktoberfest once in their lifetime.

Anyway, if you are not a tourist and live in Germany, and you would like to buy a Dirndl, I suggest you spend a little bit more budget for better quality and design ones. A good Dirndl is worth for it.

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Tips to choose a perfect Dirndl

A Dirndl is basic from three different parts, a shirt (a short cut shirt, the length is just on the position of the underbust.), dress and an apron. The shirts are mostly the low-cut design; you can also find the special Dirndl bras in the Dirndl stores for a better push up effect. For a low-cut design, it is necessary to wear a necklace. You also find high collar design shirts; these will add an elegant touch to the Dirndl style.

For the dresses, you find three different lengths, above the knees, over knee length and ankle length long skirt. Mostly, young girls like to wear shorter length and brighter color Dirndl; however, there is no any rule that you have to follow, it depends on your personal taste. The ribbons in the front are even more important; the stripes will add delighted details to your look.

Last but not least, the apron is a key role to a total Dirndl look; when you combine different colors and different patterns, you will get different feeling styles. The position of a bow shows the relationship state; on the right side, means a girl is married, on the left side means she is single, in the middle, means she is a virgin, tied in the back, means she is a widow.

Well, from three different items, you can play many different styles; therefore, some of my girlfriends they have three or four Dirndl to create different combinations. Moreover, you can still choose hats, jackets, shoes and bags to compose dazzling looks. Now, I understood why Bavaria girls enjoy it so much.

If you have no idea or experience how to choose your Dirndl, feel free to ask the service person, they will give you best suggestions kindly. Moreover, every item shows the price clearly, do not worry that you will be cheated as long as you go to a bigger store in the city center.

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Styling Ideas

After choosing a perfect Dirndl, now it is time for styling. Once a year, you do not want to take it carelessly, don’t you? Dirndl is used to be gorgeous; basic on this point, I would rather keep my makeup clean and simple to keep the balance of my look. However, choose a proper foundation to glow your skin is important. On the other hand, I would suggest girls to pay more attention to the hair styling; it will complete your look and make you look beautiful and lovely. During Oktoberfest, there are many hair salons in Munich offer hair styling service, the prices are affordable; it is worth to spend a bit more budget after purchasing a Dirndl. Moreover, a suitable nail design and accessories will add the last finishing touch.

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What to eat 

Oktoberfest seems like a super huge market where offers hundreds of food stands, such like honey peanuts, fresh fruit chocolate sticks, grilled fish, all kinds of sweets, grilled sausages, burgers, crepes. If possible, visit Oktoberfest with friends and share what you order with them, so that you can try more delicious food. Almost all food stands offer freshly made food for visitors; sometimes you will have to wait a bit when the business is good, be patient.

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If you are an early morning Oktoberfest visitor, Riscgrt is a perfect tent for you to take a good breakfast firstly after arriving. Besides, because of the colorful decoration, it is also a great location to enjoy with the family, especially with little kids. The most recommended dish, Kaiserschmarn.

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Münchner Knödelei

A top tent you must go and try the meals. Their decoration is in a Bavarian style, classic and vintage. They offer very delicious food here; I think this is an important point for tourists, you might visit Oktoberfest once in the lifetime, you should not waste time to eat bad dishes. Recommended dish, all of them on the menu. I have tried some dishes during the past years, so far, each meal was great and tasty. Going there with more friends and share all food; they offer big amount dishes.

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Ammer is one of the oldest tents, inside, on the wall, many huge posters tell their historical stories. Ammer is also one of few tents that is always crowded even in the lunch time. The music bands they invited knew well how to sizzle the atmosphere, they even came down from the stage and interacted with us. In Ammer, you can enjoy the most traditional Bavaria dishes. Recommended dish, grill duck.

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Tent Tips

  1. From my past experiences, you might easily get a table in the day time without a reservation. However, it will be impossible to get a seat without booking a table in the evenings or on weekends. It is better to visit the website of every tent and book a table several months earlier before you come to Munich visiting Oktoberfest.
  2. Every tent invites different bands to play live music. Mostly, they play traditional Bavaria dance music. Some fans even come to support their favorite bands.
  3. In the tents, some are self-service, you order food and find a seat. Some other tents, the waiter will lead you to a table and make orders for you. Mostly, in between, waiters will take big trays and carry beer and turn around in the tents in case anyone would like to have another glass of drink.


During traffic hours, there will be more Security personnel to keep the security in the subway stations that are nearby to Oktoberfest location, as well as at the Main Station. Following the instruction and there will be nothing to worry about. If you need more information, click the link to check.

Last, in this year, the organizer will carry out for strict security checks; one is including not allowed to bring backpacks or bigger size handbags into the festival. If you are a tourist, please leave your bags and backpacks in the hotel room and only carry a small shoulder bag or hand bag with you. Moreover, it is more crowded than you can ever image, take care of your cash and important personal stuff.


This article of Oktoberfest Guide will be updated from time to time, feel free to share the article; so that everyone can get some useful information and enjoy the city and festival.

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