2015/12/01 Zimbabwe(EurAsiaInfo) –– Zimbabwe’s state-run Herald newspaper published a signed article by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the eve of his state visit to the landlocked country in Southern Africa, Nov. 30, 2015. The following is the full text of the article, titled “Let the Sino-Zimbabwe Flower Bloom:”

2015-/11/06 Singapore(EurAsiaInfo) –– Chinese President Xi Jinping had his signed article titled “Build on past achievements for brighter China-Singapore ties” published in the Straits Times before he began his visit to Singapore. Xi is now in the city state on a two-day visit. Here is the full text.

2015/ 11/05 Vietnam(EurAsiaInfo) –– Chinese President Xi Jinping published a signed article titled “For a New Vista in China-Vietnam Friendship” on Vietnamese media Nhan Dan ahead of his state visit to Vietnam.The following is the full text of the article:

2015/10/18 United Kingdom(EurAsiaInfo) –– Chinese President Xi conducted a written interview with Reuters, providing written answers to questions posed in writing by Reuters.  The answers, given in English, were prepared by Chinese officials but reviewed and approved by Xi, according to foreign ministry officials.

2015-09-23 American(EurAsiaInfo) –– Ahead of his first official state visit to the U.S., Chinese President Xi Jinping provided written answers to questions submitted by The Wall Street Journal. Here is the full transcript

2015/05/07Belarus(EurAsiaInfo) –– Full text of Chinese President Xi’s signed article on Belarus media

2015/05/07 Russian(EurAsiaInfo) –– The following is the full text of Chinese President Xi Jinping‘s written interview with Russian media ahead of his departure for the state visit to Russia:

2015/04/20 Pakistan(EurAsiaInfo) –– The Pakistani paper Daily Times published an article by Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of his visit to Pakistan. The article, titled Pak-China Dosti Zindabad (Long live China-Pakistan friendship), is as follows:


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