Bumper Graubünden hunting season successfully tackles deer overpopulation

Photo: UrosPoteko/Depositphotos

The 2017 hunting season was one of the biggest ever in the canton of Graubünden, with a total of 6,507 wild deer killed in an extended season, according to the authorities.

In total 1,919 hunters shot 4,194 roe deer and 1,304 red deer – the highest number ever – along with 30 wild boar, Graubünden’s hunting and fishing office said in a statement on Tuesday.

The season kicked off on November 11th and was extended through December in order to meet the canton’s targets, with “exceptionally good hunting conditions” contributing to the record numbers.

Without the hunting season, there would be far too many animals sharing the scarce food resources in the snow-covered Graubünden countryside, said the authorities.

Controlling the deer population through hunting allows the remaining animals the best chance of survival during the winter period.

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