Highlights of Xi’s remarks on the opening ceremony of CDAC

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC) at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, capital of China, May 15, 2019. (Xinhua/Ju Peng)

Chinese President Xi Jinping on May 15 delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC) in Beijing. Following are some highlights of his speech.

– One platform

The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations creates a new platform for civilizations in Asia and beyond to engage in dialogue and exchanges on an equal footing to facilitate mutual learning.

– One trend

As we review our past and look beyond Asia, we should have greater confidence in our civilizations. We may build on the rich heritage of our forefathers, stay engaged with other civilizations and increase mutual learning. By doing so, we will add new glory to Asian civilizations. We Asian countries are closely connected and share a natural bond of affinity. We went through similar historic trails, and we hold the same dream for the future. Going forward, we need to see where the world is going, ride on the trend of the times, and turn our people’s longing for a better life into reality.

– Three hopes

We Asian people hope to see peace and stability across Asia.

We, the people of Asian countries, wish to live and work in contentment and security, free from fear. We hope that all nations will respect and trust each other, live in harmony and interact with each other in a manner that transcends national boundaries, time and space as well as differences between civilizations. We should work together to safeguard peace, something more precious than gold.

We Asian people hope to see common prosperity in Asian countries.

We Asian people long for decent lives free of poverty. We hope that countries will work together to promote economic globalization and make it more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all. Doing so will enable us to eradicate poverty and backwardness that still plague some countries. It will create a carefree life for our children, and will bring happiness to all families.

We Asian people hope to see an open and better-connected Asia.

We Asian people hope that all countries will reject self-exclusion, embrace integration, uphold openness and work to promote policy, infrastructure, trade, financial and people-to-people connectivity. This way we can jointly foster a community with a shared future for both us Asians and all humanity.

– Four proposals

First, we need to respect each other, and treat each other as equals.

We need to respect each other as equals, and say no to hubris and prejudice. We need to deepen understanding of the difference between one’s own civilization and others, and work to promote interaction, dialogue and harmony among civilizations.

China is ready to work with other countries to protect Asian cultural heritage, and better preserve and sustain our civilizations.

Second, we need to uphold the beauty of each civilization, and the diversities of civilizations around the world.

We should keep our own civilization dynamic, and create conditions for other civilizations to flourish. Together, we can make the garden of world civilizations colorful and vibrant.

China is happy to launch initiatives with relevant countries to translate Asian classics both from and into Chinese, and promote film and TV exchanges, and cooperation in Asia. This will help people in Asia better understand and appreciate each other’s culture, and build a platform of dialogue and mutual learning for the best of Asian civilizations to spread and be known to more of the world.

Third, we need to stay open and inclusive, and draw on each other’s strength.

We need to be broad-minded and strive to remove all barriers in the way of cultural exchange. We need to be inclusive and seek nourishment from other civilizations to promote the common development of Asian civilizations through exchange and mutual learning.

China will work with other countries to step up exchanges among the youth, non-governmental organizations, sub-national entities and media organizations, create a network of exchange and cooperation between think tanks, explore new models of cooperation and deliver more solid outcomes in diverse forms. Such efforts will boost exchange and mutual learning among civilizations.

Fourth, we need to advance with the times, and explore new ground in development.

We need to come up with new ideas to add impetus and inspiration to the development of our civilizations, and with these efforts, we will deliver achievements for our civilizations to transcend time and space and have a lasting appeal.

China will work with other countries to implement a plan to promote tourism in Asia. This will further boost economic development in Asia, and deepen friendship among the Asian people.

– Four features of Chinese civilization

Chinese civilization is an inseparable part of Asian civilization. Chinese civilization, as an inclusive and integrated whole, has become what it is today through constant interactions with other civilizations.

  1. Amity and good neighborliness are the principles guiding our interactions with other countries.
  1. To deliver prosperity and security to the people is the overarching goal.
  1. To keep up with reform and innovation are the abiding commitments.
  1. To achieve harmony between man and nature is the underlying philosophy.

China today is more than the country itself. It is very much a part of Asia and the world. In a time to come, China will open its arms wider to embrace the world, and contribute to the dynamic achievements of Chinese civilization to create a better world in the future.

(Source: People’s Daily Online)    

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