EurAsia Info Summit

in Davos (Switzerland);  2016 Focus: B2B Precision Manufacturing Matchmaking


  • 【Date】October 30th-November 1st 2016
  • 【Oct. 31st】Monday: Opening speeches and all-day fairs.
  • 【Venue】InterContinental Davos , Technopark Zürich.(Switzerland).
  • 【Nov. 1st】Meetings with officials, visiting companies (e.g. in Technopark Zürich)
  • 【Participants】Political and business elites, CEOs, executives, media.
  • 【Contact】Mr. Wei Lin, phone: +41 52 534 98 91, Email:
  • 【Organizer】  EurAsia Info (Switzerland)
  • 【Patronage】World Association of Chinese Mass Media, Your Travel China Connect AG , Brugger und Partner AG
  • 【Cooperation】The meetings on 1 November in Technopark Zürich are organized in cooperation with the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome Remarks

The EurAsia Info Summit 2016 in Davos (Switzerland), focusing on B2B Precision Manufacturing Matchmaking, is supported by many officials, Chinese municipal governments and several associations. The summit has been initiated by EurAsia Info in Switzerland and will be hosted jointly with the World Association of Chinese Mass Media , Your Travel China Connect AG , Brugger und Partner AG and others. The meetings in Technopark Zürich are organized in cooperation with the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

EurAsia Info, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is editing the only  Chinese-English bilingual media in Europe and the only printed Chinese news magazine in Switzerland. EurAsia Info’s goal is to  promote the business and cultural communication and cooperation between China and Switzerland and serve as a bridge between the two countries. Our vision is to “show China to the world and support the internationalization of Chinese companies”. We report the latest news, publish executive interviews and also organize high level international business meetings.

Switzerland is a unique country famous for its economy and financial industry as well as its natural beauty. Innovation and pragmatism enable this tiny European country to be at the forefront of developed countries worldwide and to maintain its strong stable economical and financial position. Based in Switzerland, focusing on China and facing the world, we aim for making a significant contribution to mutual understanding and strategic partnership between Europe and Asia.

Swiss precision manufacturing industry is perceived as “superior quality” by Chinese consumers. The production scale of these top brand companies is not large, however, their products are irreplaceable. As Chinese people have a strong preference for Swiss quality,  the industrial and trade structures of the two countries can complement each other. Our summit will help the two sides to realize further mutual benefits and a win-win cooperation.

Ailian Zhu

CEO EurAsia Info



Welcome Address Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC)

Dear Friends,

The Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce welcomes the idea of bringing Chinese and Swiss enterprises together in order to encourage and initiate co-operations between the companies. We are very happy to cooperate with EurAsia Info on the corresponding event in Technopark in Zurich and would like to invite you to join us for this great opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Zurich soon!

Felix M. Sutter



In response to “One belt and one road” 
China’s contribution to global economic growth

The Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. GENG Wenbing, has accepted EurAsia Info’s executive interview and pointed out that the world economy was going through a weak recovery in the recent past and every country was facing new severe challenges. Against that background, China initiated the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, comprising the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” a comprehensive network of railways, roads, air and sea links, pipelines and transmission grids connecting China to Europe and the wider world, enabling common prosperity and regional stability.

OBOR is a important link connecting the Asian-Pacific economy circle with the European economic circle. Currently, the 16+1 framework of dialogue between China and countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the development strategies between China and European countries and districts including Germany and Czech Republic, are all exploring a way to link with OBOR..

As China and Europe are pushing forward structural reforms and stimulating the vitality of the economic society, this will produce more cooperation opportunities and programs if the countries along the route can connect their development strategies with OBOR. Mr. GENG believes that OBOR can promote the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership between Europe and China from which Chinese and European people will benefit.

Sino-Swiss Bilateral Relations have Great Potential Establish International Cooperate Relationships

Switzerland is the first country with whom China has established the Innovative Strategic Partnership. Switzerland was the first Western country to set up a joint industrial venture with China. Switzerland was also among the first countries to recognize China’s market economy statues.

The China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement marks an important milestone of deepening and developing bilateral relations between the two countries. Along the road, Switzerland and China have jointly cultivated a cooperative spirit featuring equality, innovation and win-win to move the bilateral cooperation up to a new height.

China is the world’s 2nd largest economy and Switzerland is the 19th which is a economic and financial world power. Last year, China’s economic growth rate contributed to the world economy by over 25%.China will also be the main engine and motivation for the world economy in the next few years.

Switzerland is honored as “Innovation Nation” and has topped the list of the Global Innovation Index for many years. China’s innovation-driven development strategy can combine with Switzerland’s innovation advantage and achieve an outcome which is bigger than the sum of the parts.

I firmly believe that as long as we adhere to innovation and cooperation, we cannot only promote the economic development of both countries but also contribute to the world’s economic recovery.


  • Precision Manufacturing Industry
  • Jewelry and Timepiece Industry
  • Accessories Industry.
  • Government representatives for foreign investments.
  • Made in China 2025 and Switzerland’s industry 4.0 strategy.
  • Companies looking for purchasing/licensing Swiss precision manufacturing technologies, products or businesses.
  • Representatives looking for financing opportunities and cross-border cooperation
  • Enterprises planning to enter international markets and looking for investment and M&A opportunities
  • Enterprises wanting to cooperate with international Chinese media and expand to international markets


  • On site one-to-one matching: Find potential partners quickly and accurately: Every participant has the opportunity to discuss with potential partners face to face. Hundreds of enterprises from the global precision manufacturing, jewelry, watches and accessories industry will attend to this summit, through on site one-to-one conversation, you can find potential cooperation partners quickly and accurately.
  • Improve global reputation, grasp the opportunity to cooperate with international Chinese media: The co-organizer of this summit, the World Association of Chinese Mass Media, has more than 130 member media companies in over 50 countries worldwide. The participants have the opportunity to display their products and services, and also the chance to communicate with the media to expand international markets. It offers a great opportunity to start entering the global market, promote the brands and establish targeted matching projects.
  • Enable direct communication with potential partners from China: The organizer will divide Chinese enterprises into different investigation groups according to their focus, arrange for investigation activities in Switzerland, provide opportunities for partnership and communication, to learn the strategy of cross-border cooperation and practical operation methods. The participants from Europe will be offered the chance to communicate directly with potential partners and explore the benefits of a cooperation. EurAsia Info Summit 2016 will kick off B2B Precision Manufacturing Matchmaking.
  • Efficient structures for matchmaking: The EurAsia Info Summit 2016 in Davos is aiming for the most efficient way to identify valuable partnerships; the participants will pass careful screening and represent enterprises who are really seeking cooperation opportunities. Furthermore, the organizers, EurAsia Info and World Association of Chinese Mass Media, will explore the background and motives of the participants in order to increase the chance of successful matchmaking. During the conference, the participants can join specifically arranged table talks, according to their cooperation intention. 
  • Chinese government welcomes foreign enterprises to establish local commercial co-operations: Besides European and Asian enterprises, the summit is also open to enterprises and investors outside Europe and Asia which creates additional opportunities: they can speak with provincial and municipal representatives from China and learn more about the local investment situation.


Summit Venue

Summit Venue (Date: October 30th-31th 2016) InterContinental Davos in Switzerland
  • Baslerstrasse 9,
  • 7260 Davos Dorf, Switzerland

The summit will be hold in one of the best and most famous five star hotels - InterContinental Davos, Switzerland. Every year in January, political and business elites, CEOs of major companies, representatives of academics, NGOs and international media are staying in this hotel.

Davos is a municipality in Eastern Switzerland, close to the boarder of Austria. It hosts the annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) and is the meeting point of global political and business elites every year.

At 1560m, Davos is the highest “town” in Europe, and is famous for its clean and pure air. From the middle of the 19th century, Davos became a popular destination for the sick and ailing because the microclimate in the high valley was deemed excellent by doctors and recommended for lung disease patients. Until now, many medical summits are still hold here.

Summit Venue (Date: November 1st 2016) Technopark Zurich in Switzerland
  • Technopark Zurich
  • Technoparkstrasse 1
  • 8005 Zürich

Technopark Zurich has been bringing people together from the fields of science, technology and economy at its 47,000 m2 site since 1993. It is the top location for technology transfer in Switzerland and a key point of contact for innovative start-ups looking to transform knowledge into marketable products and services. Around 300 companies are based in Technopark Zurich.

A successful mix of people from various branches, disciplines, universities, research institutes, start-ups and established enterprises, and an attentivetenant selection ensure that the Technopark brand is now a widely recognised seal of quality.



Overview (Draft)

  • Date:  October 30th 2016 – November 1st 2016
  • Address:  InterContinental Davos, Switzerland
  • Participants: Political and business elites, CEOs, executives, median
  • Organizer:  EurAsia Info (Switzerland) 
  • Patronage: World Association of Chinese Mass Media, Your Travel China Connect AG , Brugger und Partner AG and others.
  • Cooperation: The meetings on 1 November in Technopark Zürich are organized in cooperation with the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Contact: Mr. Wei Lin
    Direct: 0041 79 552 6666
    Phone: 0041 52 534 98 91
  • Email:

3-Day Program

  • 【Oct. 30th】 Sun. Afternoon: Arrival, attendance, check-in and receive documents
  • 【Oct. 30th 】Sun. Evening: 18:00 Welcome Banquet
  • 【Oct. 31st】  Mon. 10:00 Opening speeches and all-day fairs
  • 【Nov. 1st】   Tue. Meeting officials or visiting enterprises Bespoke arranged meetings at Technopark in Zürich (organized in cooperation with the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce)


EurAsia Info Summit  ( Nov. 1 st Technopark Zürich) All-day Agenda (Draft)

  • Morning:
    Welcome by SCCC and Technopark
    Introduction to Technopark and its strategy to host and foster technology spinoffs from university and ETH in precision manufacturing, robotics, automation, digitalisation
    Tour of Technopark with company visits
  • Lunch:
    At restaurant of Technopark
  • Afternoon:
    Individual pre-arranged, direct meetings between Chinese business reps and companies at Technopark. The meetings will be pre-arranged by collecting the needs/wishes of your group and matching them with the Technopark companies.
  • 6pm: Join cocktail reception for industrial parks and Swiss business reps.

 EurAsia Info Summit  ( Oct. 31 st Davos) All-day Agenda (Draft)

  • 7:00-8:30:   Breakfast
  • 8:30-9.00:   Registration
  • 9:00-9:10:   Welcome speech from sponsors
  • 9:10-10:00:   Opening Speech: Sino-Swiss Economic Relationship and Globalization of Enterprises
  • Potential Speakers:   Ambassador Mr. Geng Wenbing, Embassy of the People’s  Republic of China in Switzerland (to be confirmed)
  • Ms. Sylvie Ritter, President of Basel World Jewelry and Watch Show (to be confirmed)
  • Ms. Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Secretary of Federal Department of Economic Affairs (to be confirmed)


  • 10:00-10:10  EurAsia Info Summit Opening Ceremony
  • 10:10-10:30  Coffee Break
  • 10:30-12:00  Enterprise Projects Briefings, Products and Services Display
  • 12:00-14:00  Lunch
  • 14:00-18:00  On site one-to-one matchmaking
  • 18:00-19:00 Break or participate in political and business group forum
  • 19:00-21:00  Business Dinner
  • 21:00-12:00  Break or Party

Participants who are interested in the expanded program please contact us, we will provide a some extra options (with additional fees for travel agency), Patronage: Your Travel - China Connect AG, Zurich Office: Aina Meng, Phone: 0041 79 929 8095 , 

Cost for Participants

  • Registration Fee/Person: 380-. CHF (3 and more participants from the same company registering at the same time receive a reduction of 380-. CHF. The registration deadline is Sep. 1st, 2016)
  • Summit Invitation: 300-. CHF/Person (inkl. Assistance when applying for a business visa)
  • Participation Fee/Person: 3.600-.CHF (3 or more participants from the same company registering at the same time can receive a reduction of 1.800-. CHF. The registration deadline is Sep. 1st, 2016)



  1. The Participation Fee includes a participant eligibility, shuttle from Zurich Airport to the hotel on Oct. 30th, accommodation for two nights stay, banquet at Oct. 30th, all the cost for meals on Oct. 31st  and breakfast/lunch/apéro on Nov. 1st, arrangement for companies visiting, materials for the summit and simultaneous interpretation during the summit. (Flight tickets or any independent travel expenses are not included.)

  2. Registration Fee: The registration fee is the non-refundable part of the fee: In case of a participant cancelling his participation, the participant fee will be fully refunded; however, the registration fee will be charged in all cases.

  3. Discount for participants not staying in the hotel: We are happy to provide a discount for Swiss clients not staying overnight in the event hotel as soon as we have reached the number of 200 participants. In this case, CHF 500 will be refunded to participants not staying in a hotel room.

  4. Company visits and business matchmaking activities will be decided according to the cooperation intentions captured in the application forms. We will adjust company visits and seminar contents according to the wishes of the participants. 

  5. During the company visits, participants should strictly comply with related regulations and requirements of the companies,  laws in Switzerland and respect for intellectual property. For any violation of the regulations or laws, the participation qualification will be canceled (participation fees will not be refunded).

  6. The non-summit arrangements during the expanded trips will be organized based on amount and needs and commissioned by third party partners. The participants can also arrange for company visits  by them selves. The summit organizer will not assist in independent company visits.

  7. Without your explicit permission, we do not disclose your name as a participant of the conference to any other party. There will also be no publication of pictures without the permission of the people featured on the photos.

  8. A detailed electronic version of the schedule as well as the list of participants will be delivered to all e-mail addresses signed on the application form in September 2016.  After arrival and registration, the participants will receive a printed version.



Explanation of Diamond, Platinum and Gold level Sponsorship A

The Summit has three levels of sponsorship: Diamond, Platinum and Gold. During the whole summit, we will display the names, brands and logos of the sponsors. The brands of the enterprises will be widely promoted and the global reputation will be highly improved. ( √ included , -  not included )


Sponsorship Level: 




Sponsoring Amount

CHF 16.000

 CHF 12.000

CHF 8.000

 Speech Opportunity 

Opening Ceremony Speech



Subdivision speech


 Free Tickets and Seats 

Free delegate places





 Propaganda and Promotion (in the main summit venue) 

Brand Logo on the central display hall (4*5m)


Brand logo on the screen in opening ceremony



Brand logo on TV screen in every venue

Nomination of sponsorships in opening speech



Company name, logo and acknowledgment displayed on the official website

Introduction of the company on a separate page in summit materials


Introduction of the company on a half page in summit materials



Help companies arrange separate briefing session (including cost of meeting rooms)



Swiss company can invite guests to visit their company


 B Sponsored program parts in the Summit 


 Welcome Banquet  

  • Date: Oct 30th, 2016
  • Banquet: 18:00-21:00
  • EurAsia Info Summit – Davos, Switzerland
  • Political and business elites and all participants will be invited. Programs such as Chinese style fashion show and dance performance will be arranged.

Sponsorship Amount: CHF 12.000,-

The Banquet will be named after the sponsoring enterprise, the sponsor will receive official thanks and the chance for an on-site speech. If requested, the media can conduct exclusive interviews.

Company name and logo will be displayed on the website, background screen and all summit materials. The sponsor can publish a colored page advertise-ment in the summit material which is a great opportunity to improve recognition.


  • Date: Oct 31st, 2016
  • Lunch: 12.00-14.00
  • EurAsia Info Summit – Davos, Switzerland
  •  Sponsorship of Lunch

Sponsorship Amount: CHF 8.000,-

The Lunch will be named after the sponsoring enterprise, the sponsor will receive official thanks and the chance for an on-site speech. If requested, the media can conduct exclusive interviews.

Company name and logo will be displayed on the website, background screen and all summit materials. The sponsor can publish a colored page advertise-ment in the summit material which is a great opportunity to improve recognition.


  • Date: Oct 31st, 2016
  • Banquet: 19.00-21.00
  • EurAsia Info Summit – Davos, Switzerland
  •  Sponsorship of Banquet

Sponsorship Amount: CHF 5.000,-

The Banquet will be named after the sponsoring enterprise, the sponsor will receive official thanks and the chance for an on-site speech. If requested, the media can conduct exclusive interviews.

Company name and logo will be displayed on the website, background screen and all summit materials. The sponsor can publish a colored page advertise-ment in the summit material which is a great opportunity to improve recognition.

  Materials and gifts in the summit  

EurAsia Info Summit – Davos, Switzerland

Oct 31st, 2016 – Nov 1st, 2016

Sponsorship Amount: CHF 5.000,-

As the only sponsor for summit material and gifts, the company logo will be printed on all the summit gifts and summit badges which is a great opportunity to improve recognition.

Company name and logo will be displayed on the website, background screen and all summit materials. The sponsor can publish half page colored advertisement in the summit material.


Registration Form

Company Name*

Contact Address*

Sponsorship A

Sponsorship B
Welcome Banquet 09thMaterials and gifts in the summitLunch 10thBanquet 10th

Participant Name*

Participant Job Title*

Participant Gender*

Participant Mobile*

Participant E-mail*

How did you learn about this summit?*

Introduction of the enterprise(less than 200 words)*

Technical Demand and Intention of Cooperation*

Explanation of the matchmaking company*

Arrange for separate presentation session*

  • Please transfer the application fee to the following official bank account ín order to get the confirmation:
    PostFinance ”EurAsia Info GmbH”
    PC: 89-120775-3
    IBAN: CH20 0900 0000 8912 0775 3
    Hauswiesenweg 1, CH-8404 Winterthur Switzerland


  • Please feel free to contact us or assigned cooperate institutions! EurAsia Info Switzerland
    Mr. Wei Lin
    Direct: 0041 79 853 35 16
    Phone: 0041 52 534 98 91
  • Direct contact
  • CEO Ms. Zhu Ailian
  • Tel: 0041 79 509 7777
  • Email:


Media support:Members of World Association of Chinese Mass Media

Organizer: "EurAsia Info" Switzerland

PatronageWorld Association of Chinese Mass Media


亚 洲(Asia)

  • 《印度中文网》“India zhòng wén wǎng” India
    《缅甸中文网》“Myanmar zhōngwén wǎng” Myanmar
    《金边晚报》“jīnbiān wǎnbào” Cambodia
    《柬华日报》“jiǎn huá rìbào” Cambodia
    《泰国新华杂志》“Thailand xīnhuá Magazine” Thailand
    《亚洲大众传媒集团》“yàzhōu dàzhòng chuánméi jítuán” Thailand
    《@曼谷杂志》“@màngǔ zázhì” Thailand
    《泰国头条新闻》“Thailand tóutiáo xīnwén” Thailand
    《印华日报》“yìn huá rìbào” Indonesia
    《国际时报》“guójì shíbào” Indonesia
    《犀乡资讯网》“xī xiāng zīxùn wǎng” Indonesia
    《二十一老友网》“èrshíyī lǎo yǒu wǎng” Indonesia
    《南洋商界》杂志社,“nányáng shāngjiè” Magazine ,Singapore
    《随笔南洋网》“suíbǐ nányáng wǎng” Singapore
    《时代财智》杂志,“shídài cái zhì” Magazine, Singapore
    《德隆电视台》“dé lóng diànshìtái” Kyrgyzstan
    《新丝绸之路报》“xīn sīchóu zhī lù bào” Kyrgyzstan
    《中国周报》“zhōngguó zhōubào” Egypt
    《中东侨报》“zhōngdōng qiáo bào” Emirates
    《新华报》“xīnhuá bào” Korea
    《韩国侨报》“hánguó qiáo bào” Korea
    《日本关西华文时报》“Japan guān xī huáwén shíbào”Japan
    《日本财经周刊》“Japan cáijīng zhōukān”Japan
    《小春网》“xiǎochūn wǎng”Japan
    《中华浪漫》杂志社,“zhōnghuá làngmàn” Magazine,Japan
    《西日本报侨》“xīrìběn bào qiáo” Japan
    《日中商报》“rì zhōng shāng bào” Japan
    《世界论坛报》“shìjiè lùntán bào” Taiwan
    《台湾导报》两岸新闻中心,“táiwān dǎobào” liǎng'àn xīnwén zhōngxīn,Taiwan
    《中外要闻通讯社》“zhōngwài yàowén tōngxùnshè” Hong Kong
    《世界书画家报》“shìjiè shūhuà jiā bào” Hong Kong
    《道法科仪》杂志,“dào fǎkē yí” Magazine, Hong Kong
    《中国国际教育电视台》“zhōngguó guójì jiàoyù diànshìtái” Hong Kong
    《评报》“píng bào” Hong Kong
    《获益出版事业有限公司》“huò yì chūbǎn shìyè yǒuxiàn gōngsī” Hong Kong
    《香港新闻出版社》“xiānggǎng xīnwén chūbǎn shè” Hong Kong
    《中国新闻社副》“zhōngguó xīnwén shè fù” China
    《新华网》城市频道“xīnhuá wǎng” chéngshì píndào, China
    《中国侨园》杂志 “zhōngguó qiáo yuán”Magazine, China
    《中国华侨传媒网》“zhōngguó huáqiáo chuánméi wǎng” China
    《中国龙网》“China lóng ” China
    《凤凰网》海南频道,“fènghuáng wǎng” hǎinán píndào, China
    《浙江经济网》“zhèjiāng jīngjì wǎng” China

欧 洲(Europe)

  • 《爱尔兰华人报》“Irish huárén bào” Irish
    《爱尔兰新岛传媒集团》“Irish xīn dǎo chuánméi jítuán” Irish
    《英国侨报》“British qiáo bào” British
    《英国华商报》“British huáshāng bào” British
    《头条辰报》“tóutiáo chén bào” British
    《英中时报》“yīng zhòng shíbào” British
    《北欧华人报》“běi'ōu huárén bào” Sweden
    《欧华天下》杂志 “ōu huá tiānxià” zázhì,Sweden
    《华人街报》“huárén jiē bào” Italy
    《欧洲新闻网》“ōuzhōu xīnwén wǎng” Italy
    《新华时报》“xīnhuá shíbào”Italy
    《欧联传媒有限公司》“ōu lián chuánméi yǒuxiàn gōngsī”Italy
    《欧联通讯社》“ōu lián tōngxùnshè”Italy
    《欧联时报网》“ōu lián shíbào wǎng”Italy
    《中希时报》“zhōng xī shíbào”Greece
    《泛欧国际文化传媒集团》“fàn ōu guójì wénhuà chuánméi jítuán” France
    《法国侨报》“fàguó qiáo bào” France
    《德华世界报》“dé huá shìjiè bào”Germany
    《欧洲新侨网》“ōuzhōu xīn qiáo wǎng”Germany
    《西班牙欧华传媒集团》“Spain ōu huá chuánméi jítuán” Spain
    《西班牙华人网》“Spain huárén wǎng” Spain
    《葡萄牙葡新传媒》“Portugal pú xīn chuánméi” Portugal
    《葡新报》“pú xīn bào” Portugal
    《联合时报》“liánhé shíbào”Spain
    《葡华报》“pú huá bào”Portugal
    《旅罗华人报》“lǚ luō huárén bào” Romania
    《欧桥网》“ōu qiáo wǎng” Romania
    《欧洲侨报》“ōuzhōu qiáo bào” Romania
    《俄罗斯龙报》“ Russia lóng bào” Russia
    《布拉格时报》“bùlāgé shíbào” Czech
    《斯洛伐克时报》“Slovakia shíbào” Slovakia
    《欧洲青年报》“ōuzhōu qīngnián bào”Poland
    《环球周报》“huánqiú zhōubào”Poland
    《波兰华人资讯网》“bōlán huárén zīxùn wǎng” Poland
    《波兰壮阔》网 “bōlán zhuàngkuò” wǎng, Poland
    《新导报》“xīn dǎobào”Hungary
    《欧洲联合华文通讯社》“ōuzhōu liánhé huáwén tōngxùnshè” Hungary
    《世界中国》“shìjiè zhōngguó” Hungary
    《新荷兰中文网》“Netherlands zhōngwén wǎng” Netherlands
    《欧亚时报》“EurAsia Info” Switzerland
  • 美 洲(America)
    《拉斯维加斯新闻报》“Lā sī wéi jiā sī xīnwén bào” US
    《美华商报》“měi huáshāng bào” US
    《久安电视国际传媒集团》“jiǔ'ān diànshì guójì chuánméi jítuán” US
    《拉斯维加斯时报》 “lā sī wéi jiā sī shíbào”US
    《亚省时报》“yà shěng shíbào”US
    《美国华联社》“US huá lián shè” US
    《美国法律新闻社》“US fǎlǜ xīnwén shè” US
    《美国ICN电视联播网》“US ICN diànshì liánbò wǎng”,US
    《美中时报》“měi zhòng shíbào” US
    《中美邮报》“zhōng měi yóu bào” US
    《美洲新华杂志》“měizhōu xīnhuá zázhì” US
    《华新报》“huáxīn bào” US
    《远东时报》“yuǎndōng shíbào” US
    《联合国友好画报》“liánhéguó yǒuhǎo huàbào” US
    《世界华人精英》 “shìjiè huárén jīngyīng” US
    《华府网》“huá fǔ wǎng” US
    《枫华之声》杂志 “fēng huá zhī shēng”magazine” Canada
    《加华国际商报》“jiā huá guójì shāng bào” Canada
    《社区报》“shèqū bào” Canada
    《健康时报》“jiànkāng shíbào” Canada
    《华侨新报》“huáqiáo xīn bào” Canada
    《名人名商》杂志社 “míngrén míng shāng” magazine, Canada
    《信报》传媒集团 “Xìn bào” chuánméi jítuán,Canada
    《红枫林传媒集团“hóng fēng lín chuánméi jítuán,Canada
    《温哥华在线 “wēngēhuá zàixiàn,Canada
    《大西洋摄影家协会 “dàxīyáng shèyǐng jiā xiéhuì,Canada
    《多伦多摄影联盟 “duōlúnduō shèyǐng liánméng,Canada
    《 加拿大文物与艺术学报》“Canada wénwù yǔ yìshù xuébào”Canada
    《都市生活》传媒 “dūshì shēnghuó” chuánméi ,Canada
    《万事通》传媒集团,“wànshìtōng” chuánméi jítuán,Canada
    《加拿大中文电视台,“Canada zhōngwén diànshìtái,Canada
    《万事通》新闻网 “wànshìtōng” xīnwén wǎng,Canada
    《世界华文媒体》“shìjiè huáwén méitǐ”Canada
    《委国侨报》“wěi guó qiáo bào”Venezuela
    《委中商报》“wěi zhōng shāng bào”Venezuela
    《委华报》“wěi huá bào”Venezuela
    《委内瑞拉华人网》“Venezuela huárén wǎng” Venezuela
    《华人头条》“huárén tóutiáo”Argentina
    《南美新闻网,“nánměi xīnwén wǎng,Chile
    《 厄瓜多尔华人社区》网“Ecuador huárén shèqū” wǎng,Ecuador
    《 华人》月刊 “huárén” yuèkān,Ecuador
    《 华人》周报,“huárén” zhōubào, Ecuador
    《新世界日报》“xīn shìjiè rìbào” Peru

非 洲(Africa)

  • 《津巴布韦华人网》“Zimbabwe huárén wǎng” Zimbabwe
    《中非日报》“zhōng fēi rìbào” Madagascar
    《西非华声》“xīfēi huáshēng” Cote d'Ivoire
    《华侨新闻报》“huáqiáo xīnwén bào” South Africa
    《南非华人报》“South Africa huárén bào” South Africa
    《非洲华侨周报》“South Africa huáqiáo zhōubào” South Africa
    《南非365网》“nánfēi 365 wǎng” South Africa
    《非洲时报》“fēizhōu shíbào” South Africa
    《西非统一商报》“xīfēi tǒngyī shāng bào” Nigeria
    《尼日利亚华人网》“Nigeria huárén wǎng” Nigeria
    《莫桑比克剑虹网》“Mozambique jiàn hóng wǎng” Mozambique
    《华侨时报》“huáqiáo shíbào” Mauritius


  • 《联合时报》“Liánhé shíbào”Australia
    《澳中传媒集团》“ào zhōng chuánméi jítuán”Australia
    《澳洲汽车杂志》“Australia qìchē zázhì” Magazine Australia
    《澳大利亚澳华国际集团》“Australia ào huá guójì jítuán” Australia
    《唐人街》传媒 “tángrénjiē” media Australia
    《澳华财经在线》网站“ào huá cáijīng zàixiàn” Webnews Australia
    《澳大利亚天和电视台》“Australia tiān hé diànshìtái” Australia
    《澳大利亚大华时代传媒集团》“Australia dà huá shídài chuánméi jítuán”Australia
    《澳大利亚华人通讯社》“Australia huárén tōngxùnshè” Australia
    《信报》“xìn bào” New Zealand
    《乡音》报 “xiāngyīn” New Zealand
    《新西兰华人媒体集团》“New Zealand huárén méitǐ jítuán” New Zealand
    《斐济日报》“FIJI rìbào” FIJI


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