Invitation | Dalian Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Seminar in Hotel Intercontinental Geneva

Mr. LU Lin

Vice Mayor of Dalian

Sincerely invite you to attend

Dalian Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Seminar

  Hotel Intercontinental Geneva

Room Paris-Méditerranée

At 09 :30  Monday, 24 April, 2017



At 122°E,39°N,  where the Yellow Sea and BohaiSea blends, past and future joins, forest and ocean breath emitted, locates the city of Dalian, China.

The Romantic City of Dalian

North beyond the ShandongPeninsula and across the sea, Dalian could be seen as apex of vast NortheastChina. Having 2,211 kilometres, or 1,382 miles of coastline, this important port city of Northern Chinais a hub for industry, trade,finance, and sightseeing, and the biggest, most promising economy of the region.

Dalian is a city full of cultural diversity. Lvshunkou District saw many important moments of modernChinese history. The tram car, which has run for more than a century, reflects the memory of this city. Squares of different styles, architectures of both oriental and occidental origins, blended with sea and sky, have constituted a unique “blue culture” of Dalian.

As a city with beautiful scenery, Dalian never fails to create a sense of exhilaration. It has 49national parks, and is the state-certified Best City for Tourists of China which welcomes more than 56 million tourists both from home and abroad every year. In spring and summer, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sea and mountain at Bangchuidao Resort, Binhai Road, and GoldenPebble Beach,while in autumn and winter, they will linger on the attractiveness of hot springs, skiing,shopping, excellent seafood and forget to go home.

Dalian is a city with enthusiasm and romance. Its calendar is decorated with festivity, and waves and waves of vibe is brought by events such as Dalian Oktoberfest, InternationalGarment and Textile Fair, Sophora Blossom Festival, Beach Festival, CherryFestival, Dalian International Marathon, Walking Festival, and so on.

Dalian is an eco-friendly livable city which was granted the UN Habitat Award. It has pleasant climate and four distinct seasons, beguiling sky blue and absorbing garden green.Various fast transition systems of light rail, bus, and metro offer citizens great traveling convenience.Traditional city centers and fashionable shopping areas add radiance and beauty to each other. Nowadays, new business formats,new facilities and International E-commerce have been brought into everyday life of residents. The tasteful modern breath everywhere and happy urban lifestyle have interpreted fashion and romance of the city.

Window to the Outside World

In Northeast China, Dalian is the window of opening-up to the outside world. It is the cradle of China’sfirst Economic and Technological Development Zone.With the founding of Jinpu New District, Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone, and the only bonded area and Export Processing Zone in the region, Dalian will take a lead in economic revitalisation and development of Northeast China.

Dalian Port, with century-old history, is the largest harbor in Northeast China. It can be used for berthing world’s largest container ship, making it the hub harbor of sea cargo and container transportation in Northeast China.It has established trade relations with more than 300 ports in over 160countries and become the main passage of international logistics in Northeast Asia.

Dalian InternationalAirport is known as No.1 airport in Northeast China. It has more 188 domestic and international routes. The annual visitor handling capacity has reached 13million passengers. To be specific, the handling capacity of international visitors is unparalleled in Northeast China.

With the interconnection of transportation facilities, including ports, airport, high-speed railways and express motorways, Dalian is now closely bound up with the outside world.

With full coverage of big data, networking, and informatization, Dalian is updating itself into the SmartAge.

Unique resource advantage has made Dalian the best choice for accumulating wealth and doing venture investment.

Dalian has more than 700financial and fund-raising institutions, peerless among all neighboring cities.Dalian Commodity Exchange is the largest futures market for oils and fats,plastics, and iron ore in the world, as well as the second largest one for agricultural products. The overall strength ranks as top 10 in the whole world.

In the ongoing phase of overall reform, municipal government of Dalian is now trying to streamline its administrative procedure, realize one-stop service in order to offer more convenience for its residents and businesses.

Dalian is attracting the attention from both home and abroad. Besides the biennial Summer Davos Forum,the city also hosts more than 100 other events and exhibitions every year.Moreover, the number of foreign-invested enterprises in the city has reached18,000.

Dalian is now speeding up the construction of the center of international shipping in Northeast Asia, the center of international logistics, regional finance center, and modern industrial clusters. The Jinpu New District, as the only national district inNortheast China, will bring vibrancy to regional connectivity and cooperation in Northeast Asia and revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China as well. The economic landscape of Dalian is reshaped by the brand new development pattern.

City of Innovations

Dalian is a city with hundred-year-old history of industrial civilization.

It has solid foundation in petrochemistry, naval architecture, locomotive and rolling stock building,equipment manufacturing, heavy machinery, axle bearing, refrigeration, and soon.

Dalian is accelerating the process of the integration of old and new industries. A complete automotive industry chain has been formed by creating industrial clusters of vehicle and parts making. And a decade’s endeavor in software and IT has qualified the city as the certified software outsource city in the country. Emerging industries of strategic importance, new material, new energy, and biomedicine, have become new engine of economic growth. If industrialization had brought manufacturing,informatization will then unleash the city’s power of innovation.

Dalian is hometo more than 30 famous universities, together with more than 100 research institutions above municipal level, 28 academicians from Chinese Academy ofSciences and 720,000 specialized technical personnel.

The annual Chinese OverseasStudents Entrepreneurship Week has become the great opportunity for graduates returning from overseas universities to start their careers. Dalian is in the leading position in biotech,advanced manufacturing, intelligent control, marine engineering, rail transportation, high polymer, IT, and other industries, thanks to her vast talent pool and thus, strong R&D for sustainable momentum.

With hundreds of boatscompeting at the same time, only those bend to the oars could win. In a world of competition, Dalian is planning to pilot in optimizing its industrial structure, and boosting its economic and social development. In the journey of realizing Chinese dream, Dalian is sailing with vigor and vitality.

Dalian attaches great importance to the friendly relations with foreign countries. Up to now, Dalian has established friendly ties with several foreign cities including Glasgow in the UK, Bremen and Rostock inGermany,Le Havre inFrance,and Vladivostok in Russia.

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