Train Your mind to Change Your Brain


Insomnia has a high prevalence in the world population estimated between 20 to 30%. Therefore its a challenge to fight it without medications like benzodiazepine. Due to important side effects.Our swiss applied research group in Lausanne Switzerland is devoted to solve this problem and proposes a new way never known up to date.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea for Sleapi the luminous tortoise came while searching for a non-medicated visual means of fighting insomnia.  It results from the medical experience of a Swiss ophthalmologist, Dr Pierre-Alain Grounauer, designer of several high-tech medical instruments at the University Eye Clinic in Lausanne.  His research group, working in collaboration with EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) demonstrated that positioning a red LED on the forehead in the place of a third eye, with eyes closed, is an efficient way of dispersing the stray thoughts which prevent sleep.

The difficulties of the project

There are three main difficulties.  The first is to prove that, with the eyes closed and in darkness, the retina is active and can see.  The second is to show by cerebral neuro-imaging fNIRS that the visual perception of the colour red activates the anterior part of the brain which controls attention.  The third is to master the electronics which command the parameters of the red light emitted by the multi-coloured LED.  This device is recognized by leaders in the field of sleep medicine, such as Professor Patrick Lemoine in Lyon, France and Beijing, author of a book entitled ‘Dormir sans médicaments ou presque’ (Sleep without medication, or almost ) published by Laffont 2015.782580852

Collaboration with China

Certain parts of the device have been produced in China and the final assembly takes place in Switzerland.  Note that the idea of the third eye drawn on the forehead is well-known in Asia and is shown on most sculptures of Buddha, proving that this position is important and significative in Chinese traditions.  We feel certain that the Chinese and Asian publics should therefore easily understand why Sleapi is adapted to their way of life.

Sales in China

In order to sell Sleapi in China we must have a high-quality product made with care.  This is why we count on Chinese industry to be able to produce the necessary quantities.

The medical principles of the product

Sleep is very important at all ages but its duration is not the same for everyone.  It is difficult to forego sleep and it can have negative medical consequences.  Moving between sleep and wakening is a genetic behaviour shared by all living beings, subjected to daily variations due to the rotation of the earth and gravity.  To avoid a lack of sleep we have to respect the rules and behaviours of life.  Amongst these, for example, getting up at the same time every day, in accordance with one’s genetic code, or avoiding exposure of the retina to artificial blue lights such as television, smartphones or other screens emitting blue light.

To go from waking to sleep as quickly as possible we have to be able to create a mental void and avoid distractions.  This is what Sleapi the luminous tortoise allows us to do by emitting a very weak red light changing sinusoidally in intensity, thus copying the ‘s’-shaped Ying-Yang symbol which is emblematic of the subtle transitions which make up Chinese culture.  This visual perception becomes, with training, a distractor capable of breaking the cycle of insomnia.  Sleapi allows a gentle transition between day and night which is also advised by traditional Chinese herbal medicine and other non-medicated means of relaxation.


In summary we think our device Sleapi can be useful to fight insomnia without using medications.Clear its takes some days to perform what we are calling the Somnogen Visual Training SVT. Our therapeutic action is in strong correlation with the rule « train your mind to change your brain ».

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