Since 1996, the event is organized by the Verein Street Parade (Street Parade Association). Today, the Street Parade has all the character of a popular festival, however legally it is still a political demonstration. This frees the organisation of security costs, among all else that the city takes under its charge.d72i0572.jpg__1200x1200_q85_subsampling-2

Photo by: Street Parade

Some 900,000 people attended this year’s Street Parade, the city’s biggest party and one of the world’s largest techno music events.
Held annually in the city since 1992, the Zurich Street Parade aims to promote peace, love, liberty and tolerance, embodied this year in the theme ‘Love never ends’.
Revellers gathered along the two-kilometre parade route by the river Limmat in the city centre to watch the 25 ‘lovemobiles’ pass by, pumping music and peopled with costumed dancers. 
Eight permanent stages added to the atmosphere until the event officially closed around midnight, though after-parties continued into the night. 

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Though the event was largely peaceful, skirmishes broke out later in the evening and the early hours of Sunday morning, police said. 
Overall 130 people were arrested for various offences including drug use and trafficking, violence and threats against authorities, theft, sexual harassment and counterfeiting money.
Those arrested were aged between 15 and 49 and of 25 different nationalities. Most of the offences were related to excessive alcohol consumption and/or drug use, police added.
Among those arrested were 35 drug traffickers. Police seized 570 ecstasy tablets, 110g of cannabis, 85g of cocaine and 10g of Mdma.Two men were hospitalized after a fight on Bahnhofstrasse at around 9.15pm.  And a 24-year-old Swiss was badly injured in an incident at St Anna-Gasse just before 1am on Sunday morning. 
The offenders are unknown, said police, who are seeking witnesses to the incident. 
However overall the number of people treated by medical personnel during the festival was lower than last year – 526 this year compared with 690 in 2016.

5▲2017 Street Parade. Photo by Zhang Hongxia

The Street Parade is the most attended[citation needed] technoparade in Europe, since the end of Love Parade 2010. It takes place in Zurich, Switzerland. Comparable to Berlin’s Love Parade, the Street Parade is as of 2001 one of the largest techno parties in the world and the largest annual event in Zurich. Officially a demonstration for freedom, love and tolerance attended by up to a one million people, it proceeds along the side of Lake Zurich on the second Saturday of August.


▲2017 Street Parade. Photo by Zhang Hongxia

1992 — participants: 1,000
The first Street Parade (the English name is used in German) took place on September 5, 1992, initiated by student Marek Krynski and officially called the Demonstration for Love, Peace, Liberty, Generosity and Tolerance (German: Demonstration für Liebe, Frieden, Freiheit, Grosszügigkeit und Toleranz). About 1,000 took part in dancing behind two Lovemobiles.

Street Parade n° 13–7 August 2004 – Elements of Culture

Street Parade n° 14–13 August 2005 – Today is Tomorrow

WechatIMG623▲2017 Street Parade. Photo by Zhang Hongxia

1993 — participants: 10,000 — temp: 27 °C
In only its second year, 10,000 ravers participated.
1994 — participants: 20,000
The parade was nearly banned by the head of the police department Robert Neukomm (Socialist Party) and Monika Stocker (Green Party), but strong protests from the media. the population and the techno music scene forced the city to back down. Since then the parade takes place every August with a lengthened route around the corner of Lake Zurich. The first compilation was published that year: Energy 94 Streetparade – The Disc.

1995 — participants: 150,000 — temp: 24 °C
As many as 150,000 Swiss and foreign ravers come to the Street Parade. The double-disc Street Parade 95 is the first dedicated release.


▲2017 Street Parade. Photo by Zhang Hongxia

1996 — participants: 350,000 — motto: The Rave-olution continues
For the first time, the Street Parade is organized by its own dedicated Association, founded by Marek Krynski, Barbara Suter and Christoph Soltmannowski. The official logo of the Street Parade is conceived: a stylized “P” inside a rounded red star.
1997 — participants: 475,000 — temp: 27 °C — motto: Climb & Dance
1998 — participants: 450,000 — temp: 28 °C — motto: It’s All In Your Hands

The Street Parade can be first heard in a live CD, directly recorded on a Lovemobile. As music plays, the crowds are heard cheering and celebrating in the background. In this way the disc uniquely portrays the voice of the Street Parade.

1999 — participants: 550,000 — temp: 30 °C — motto: More than Words
Radio Street Parade goes on the air for about two weeks prior to and about a week following the Street Parade. Radio Street Parade broadcasts techno music, electronica and dance, interviews with DJs and musicians as well as reports about the Street Parade.

2000 — participants: 750,000 — temp: 32 °C — motto: Believe in Love
The Street Parade is for the first time broadcast live on Swiss television SF1, 3sat and Tele 24. The German music television VIVA showed two-hour summaries in the following week.
2001 — participants: 1,000,000 — temp: 21 °C — motto: Love, Freedom, Tolerance
The event reaches record heights with one million participating ravers. The Zurich Street Parade came out of the shadow of the Berlin Love Parade.
2002 — participants: 650,000 — temp: 17 °C — motto: Peace!


Rain dampens success of the event.
2003 — participants: 900,000 — temp: 37 °C — motto: Let the Sun Shine
Very hot weather with partly clouded sky. Attendance slightly down to an estimated 900,000. However, this contrasts to far more drastic declines in the Berlin event. The direction of the route was reversed in this year in order to reduce noise levels on certain streets, and to provide better exits for the trucks.
2004 — participants: 1,000,000 — temp: 37 °C — motto: Elements of Culture


The Street Parade again reaches a 1,000,000-person count.
2005 — participants: 1,000,000 — temp: 23 °C — motto: Today is Tomorrow
A million ravers and visitors are officially cited once again. The Street Parade Radio ran into some financial difficulties, but was rescued by the Zurich local radio station Energy Zürich and the free newspaper 20 Minuten. Beer was for the first time available at official drink stands. It was perceived by many that the Street Parade took on a more aggressive tone than before.
2006 — participants: 800,000 — temp: 17 °C — motto: Move Your Mind
2007 — participants: 800,000 — temp: 23 °C — motto: Respect


The Street Parade attracts 800,000 people despite the bad weather forecast.
2008 — participants: 820,000 — temp: 24 °C — motto: Friendship
2009 — participants: 600,000 — temp: 19 °C — motto: Still have a Dream
2010 — participants: 650,000 — temp: 22 °C — motto: Celebrate the Spirit of Street Parade
2011 — participants: 900,000 — temp: 28 °C — motto: 20 Years Love, Freedom, Tolerance & Respect
2012 — participants: 950,000 — temp: 24 °C — motto: Follow your Heart
2013 — participants: 950,000 — temp: 25 °C — motto: Dance for Freedom
2014 — participants: 950,000 — temp: 25 °C — motto: Enjoy the Dancefloor – and save it!
2015 — participants: 1’000,000 — temp: 32 °C — motto: Magic Moments
2016 — participants: 1’000,000 — temp: 26 °C — motto: Zurich is unique


Photo by: Street Parade

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Ways of life are changing all the time. Some time, people will live on other planets in other life forms, and our cities, with all their spectacular architectural constructions. will be reconquered – by nature and the animal world. We are convinced that the animal world will continue to celebrate parades in their individual form and to stand uncompromisingly for the values of love, peace, freedom.

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