2017 Sino-Swiss Tourism Year – Sino-Swiss Entrepreneurs Association to promote the tourism resources of canton of Vaud of Switzerland.

In recent years, with the development of “Belt and Road”, Chinese enterprises and tourism industry enter to the global market gradually. Sino-Swiss Entrepreneurs Association based in Switzerland and it strives to promote the business and tourism development between China and Switzerland. Through this event, it aims to recommend “Lausanne, the International and educational city” to Chinese companies. Eurasiainfo participated in the event and experienced the enthusiasm and efforts of Swiss Chinese enterprises in China’s future development.


“Lausanne” the city of the Olympic capital, located in the canton of Vaud of Switzerland. It has the richest cultural and talented resources in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Lausanne’s Federal Institute of Technology, hotel management, and ballet training are well known in the worldwide. Today, Sino-Swiss Entrepreneurs Association brings “Lausanne”, this unique city into the eyes of the global Chinese.


The first ever event was held in the five-star Swiss hotel in Lausanne “Royal savoy Lausanne”, it gains the fully supported from the Swiss and Chinese companies. The representative of the canton of Vaud, and the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, as well as the President of the European Chinese Travel Association, attended the event at the day. They made the speeches and showing their supports, at meanwhile to promote this extraordinary event. Many global companies which bases in Switzerland jointed this event to show their products and brands, such as Swatch group Tourbillon boutique, Huawei, Air China,瑞士青春源La Fontaine Suisse SA, Benz Lausanne, Golden dream Geneva, Swiss learning, st-george international school, Clinic lemanic, etc. These companies are ready to develop their Chinese market and willing to share their experiences, furthermore, all these companies possess their booth at the venue, they are delighted to talk with the participants face to face and have the interactions.


The event has nearly 150 participants from Swiss and China, at the same time, the promotion of the resources are very rich and comprehensive, Sino-Swiss enterprises are very enthusiastic to promote and share their experiences, resources, and activities. The topic of meeting includes various fields, which covers watch industry, tourism industry, education industry, and financial enterprise and advanced manufacturing industry. By this occasion, the two countries entrepreneurs come together to share the experiences and discussions face to face, it makes the collaboration between China and Switzerland to reach the next highest level, also to increase the opportunity to share its commercial resources.Reported

by Li Rong Kao 

Photos by Sino-Swiss Entrepreneurs Association

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